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When we first launched our beta we put the monthly upload limit to 1 Gb to make it easy to test 23. Now we’re ready to move to a new phase with a 20 Mb upload limit for free users and soon the possibility to buy a plus account for 29 euro a year.

So where does that leave you? We’ll as some of you have seen we’ve upgraded all existing users to a FREE 2 YEAR PLUS SUBSCRIPTION giving you unlimited upload and storage – that’s why you might have noticed that you have a small “plus” after your username.

So why did we do this?

Well, we’ve been pretty bad at communicating that the 1 Gb was for the beta phase only – so we wanted to make up for this confusion by giving you a full account for the next two years.

Also it’s our little way of saying thanks to all of you who’s been testing, coming up with suggestions, help finding bugs, spreading the word about 23, etc. (and still do every day). We still have a long way to go to create the optimal way to easily share your photos – so let’s keep the conversation going – we now have a blog at http:/ and a forum on to make it even easier. Also you can read a bit about our mission at

If you got any questions about this free 2 years of 23 plus visit our new forum where we have a discussion topic for it,

So, take it away with all your sharing and photo taking for the next two years.

Team 23
– Guan Yang,
– Jens Christoffersen,
– Steffen Christensen,
– Thomas Madsen-Mygdal,

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